MORCHEEBA - Blackest Blue - CD

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MORCHEEBA - Blackest Blue - CD

MORCHEEBA - Blackest Blue - CD



LABEL: Fly Agaric Records


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1. Cut My Heart Out
2. Killed Our Love
3. Sounds Of Blue
4. Say It’s Over
5. Sulphur Soul
6. Oh Oh Yeah
7. Namaste
8. The Moon
9. Falling Skies
10. The Edge Of The World

MORCHEEBA – Blackest Blue


Pioneers of the British music scene, Blackest Blue is the band’s 10th studio album in a discography that spans three decades. 2020 saw Morcheeba unable to tour or perform live, which gave Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey “time to write songs and really get to hone them,” as Godfrey puts it. “There weren’t so many pressures so we could really take our time getting the songs right,” adds Edwards.

The result of this time is a refined 10 track album that fuses previous incarnations and sound of the band – such as downbeat, chill, electro-pop and soul – into one cohesive record that dives deep into the soul of the band’s genre-mashing musical heritage. As usual, the band didn’t approach the album with any pre-conceptions, and instead created an organic journey that represents everything great about Morcheeba. Edwards’ lyrics are primarily focused on positivity and overcoming personal adversity that lies within. ‘Sounds Of Blue’, is a stunning cut that puts Skye Edward’s sultry vocals to the forefront, floating high above an ethereal backdrop. The album includes features with Duke Garwood (known for his work with Mark Lanegan, amongst others) and Brad Barr (The Slip, The Barr Brothers).”