MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat - LP - Limited Blue Vinyl

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MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat - LP - Limited Blue Vinyl

MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat - LP - Limited Blue Vinyl



LP – Limited Blue Vinyl

Recut from the Silver Sonyare masters in November 2008 at Chicago Mastering Service, features a
new blue cover , BLUE VINYL, and comes with a free MP3 download of the album.

The first two 7″s on a 12″, also known as the Minor Threat LP, was a combination of Minor Threat’s first two eps, Minor Threat (originally released june 1981) and In My Eyes (originally released December 1981). It has the same cover as their first release, an image which has become an iconic image in punk culture. The image has been imitated by punk bands such as Rancid and, more infamously, in the Major Threat ad campaign by Nike. Straight Edge, a song on the first ep, inadvertently inspired the straight edge movement. the song seemed to be a call for abstinence from drugs and alcohol.



1. Filler
2. I Don’t Wanna Hear It
3. Seeing Red
4. Straight Edge
5. Small Man, Big Mouth
6. Screaming At A Wall
7. Bottled Violence
8. Minor Threat



1. In My Eyes
2.Out Of Step (With The World)
3.Guilty Of Being White
4.Steppin’ Stone