METRONOMY - Metronomy Forever Remixes - 12" [RSD2020-AUG29]

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METRONOMY - Metronomy Forever Remixes - 12" [RSD2020-AUG29]

METRONOMY - Metronomy Forever Remixes - 12" [RSD2020-AUG29]

€16.99 €11.99


METRONOMY – Metronomy Forever Remixes – 12″ [RSD2020-AUG29]

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Best remixes from the current Metronomy Forever campaign onto a 12” including Idles take on Wedding Bells, the Bristol band’s first official remix created for another artist. Dubbed the ‘Til Dev Do Us Party Remix’, Idles’ reinvention of Wedding Bells came from the long-running mutual respect that Metronomy and Idles share. The original’s driving bass is pushed to a pulsating new peak, while the distortion layered on Joe Mount’s vocals increase the track’s tension. The result is manic, energising and surprisingly uplifting.

Next up is Michael Mayer’s What IZ Love remix of Insecurity where we see the co-owner of the Kompakt label reinvent the original track as a sprawling 8-minute techno exploration. Then we have interdisciplinary audio-visual artist Anna Lann who applies some audacious experimentation to her remix of Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Mount’s topline is twisted beyond all recognition and layered with skittering beats and foreboding vibes, making for a waking nightmare.

Hotly-tipped Domino artist, Georgia, who looks set to make a major breakthrough in 2020 delivers her playful mix of Wedding Bells, heightening the track’s innate sense of fun, going big in every way – imposing synths undercut by seismic bass and hyperactive percussion. Finally we have Gerd and Shans mix of Lately, bringing a ‘90s flavour to the track, with old school house stabs reframing Metronomy as big room floor-fillers.

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