MELVINS - Five Legged Dog - 4LP - Pink / Red / Blue / Green Vinyl

Label: Ipecac Recordings SKU: 18545 Catalogue ID: IPC238LP Format: Vinyl
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MELVINS - Five Legged Dog - 4LP - Pink / Red / Blue / Green Vinyl

MELVINS - Five Legged Dog - 4LP - Pink / Red / Blue / Green Vinyl



4LP – Limited Edition Assorted Coloured Vinyl Set

(Pink/Red/Blue/Green Vinyl)

The Melvins release their most ambitious project yet: Five Legged Dog, a 36-song newly recorded, acoustic collection featuring a career-spanning collection of songs, from 1987’s Gluey Porch Treatments to 2017’s A Walk With Love and Death, the entire gamut of the legendary band’s catalogue is represented.

Five Legged Dog features acoustic versions of several rarities from the influential band’s overflowing discography including a cover of Redd Kross’ “Charlie” (from the limited-edition “Escape From LA” single), “Outside Chance,” a Turtles’ cover from the “Slithering Slaughter” single and new interpretations of The Rolling Stones “Sway,” Brainiac’s “Flypaper,” and Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talking” (popularised by Harry Nilsson). Butthole Surfer Jeff Pinkus lends his vocals (and banjo) to “Don’t Forget to Breathe” and “Everybody’s Talking.”


1. Edgar The Elephant (A Walk With Love & Death)
2. Up The Dumper (The Bootlicker)
3. Hung Bunny/Roman Dog Bird (Lysol)
4. Hooch (Houdini)
5. Billy Fish (Nude With Boots)
6. Shevil (Stoner Witch)
7. Charlie (Redd Kross Cover From “Escape From LA” Single)
8. A Growing Disgust (Freak Puke)
9. Eye Flys/Woman (Gluey Porch Treatments – “Woman” Is A Free Cover)
10. Pitfalls In Serving Warrants (Honky)
11. Outside Chance (The Turtles Cover From “Slithering Slaughter” Single)
12. Evil New War God (The Bride Screamed Murder)
13. The Bloated Pope (Pigs Of The Roman Empire)
14. Bad Move (From Dale Crover’s Solo Album, The Fickle Finger Of Fate)
15. With Teeth (Lysol)
16. Halo Of Flies (Alice Cooper Cover From Sieg Howdy!)
17. Oven (Ozma)
18. Sway (Rolling Stones Cover – Previously Unrecorded By The Melvins)
19. Anaconda (Bullhead)
20. Lovely Butterfly (Honky)
21. Boris (Bullhead)
22. It’s Shoved (Bullhead)
23. Honey Bucket (Houdini)
24. We Are Doomed (The Bulls & The Bees)
25. Flypaper (Brainiac Cover – Previously Unrecorded By The Melvins)
26. Let God Be Your Gardener (Ozma)
27. At The Stake (Stoner Witch)
28. Night Goat (Houdini)
29. Queen (Stoner Witch)
30. Everybody’s Talking (Fred Neil Cover – Previously Unrecorded By The Melvins)
31. Revolve (Stoner Witch)
32. Suicide In Progress (Nude With Boots)
33. Prig (The Bootlicker)
34. The Bit (Stag)
35. Civilized Worm ((A) Senile Animal)
36. Don’t Forget To Breathe (Pinkus Abortion Technician)