MATCHESS - Sonescent - LP - Vinyl

Label: Drag City SKU: 18015 Catalogue ID: DC837 Format: Vinyl
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MATCHESS - Sonescent - LP - Vinyl

MATCHESS - Sonescent - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Drag City


BARCODE: 0781484083719



Side A – Almost Gone (18:00)

Side B – Through The Wall (17:59)

Sonescent Credits:

Ike Floor – glazed ceramic
Haley Fohr – acoustic 12-string guitar
Rob Frye – flute
Whitney Johnson – strings, organ, voice
Tim Kinsella – bass
Kalina Malyszko – clarinet
Matchess – music and sound mix
Dan Osborn – layout
Carl Saff – master
David Sampson – photography
Brian J. Sulpizio – drums, electric, band mix

MATCHESS – Sonescent

LP – Black Vinyl

Matchess take a giant step from psychedelic songcraft into pure psychoacoustic space, in which songs float with all the other sounds we hear in our body. The music of meditation; a flow of sounds and thoughts of sounds and the natural beating of our ears as they strain to hear more.

See below for tracklisting…