MASSACRE - Resurgence - CD

Label: Nuclear Blast Records SKU: 1221 Catalogue ID: 4065629608828 Format: CD
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MASSACRE - Resurgence - CD

MASSACRE - Resurgence - CD



LABEL: Nuclear Blast Records

CAT NO: 4065629608828

BARCODE: 4065629608828



1. Eldritch Prophecy
2. Ruins Of R’lyeh
3. The Innsmouth Strain
4. Whisperer In Darkness
5. Book Of The Dead
6. Into The Far-Off Void
7. Servants Of Discord
8. Fate Of The Elder Gods
9. Spawn Of The Succubus
10. Return Of The Corpse Grinder

MASSACRE – Resurgence


Florida-based death metal legends Massacre are back! Featuring the very same creatures that appeared on the Chamber of Ages (1986) demo, as well as some of death metal’s most prolific and malignant songwriters, new album Resurgence is the perfect soundtrack to the gruesome plague era in which we all reside.

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