MASON BEE - Play Flights - LP - Vinyl

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MASON BEE - Play Flights - LP - Vinyl

MASON BEE - Play Flights - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Pollen Kit Recordings


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A1. There You Are
A2. Lumito
A3. We Were Kin
A4. Star Rover
A5. Les Hiccocampes
A6. Spring Dwindle

B1. Liffclang Halo
B2. Are You Ok?
B3. Zedended
B4. Dial
B5. State Of Croak
B6. Hex

MASON BEE – Play Flights

LP – Black Vinyl

Mason Bee is the solo project of Benet Walsh, multi-instrumentalist producer based in the Welsh Marches, best known as long-term co-writer and touring partner with U.K. electronic duo Plaid (Warp Records). His debut album ‘Play Flights’ is a brilliant patchwork of diverse influences, from choral folk mantras to modern glitch guitar sounds and beyond. If you hear live instrumentation on a Plaid track, it’s often Benet. His writing relationship with the iconic Warp duo dates back to the early days and has spawned some of the most evocative and heartfelt electronic music of our times.

Now as Mason Bee, Benet invites us into his own sonic universe, drawing on psychedelic, electronic and folk sounds to produce something quite different. There’s a narrative feel to the songs which unfolds to reveal morphing organic forms and technicolour landscapes, realised through a rich blend of acoustic instruments, phone recordings and DIY studio techniques.

Although masonry bees are solitary by nature, this album was recorded with the help of an international cast of musicians, from Australia and Portugal to the Welsh Marches of the U.K. adding considerably to the album’s richness. The title itself refers to the first outings (or Orientation Flights) of bees, making ‘Play Flights’ a fitting name for this unique debut.