MARY LATTIMORE - Collected Pieces: 2015-2020 - CD

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MARY LATTIMORE - Collected Pieces: 2015-2020 - CD

MARY LATTIMORE - Collected Pieces: 2015-2020 - CD



LABEL: Ghostly Internaional


BARCODE: 804297839059



1. Wawa By The Ocean
2. We Wave From Our Boats
3. For Scott Kelly, Returned To Earth
4. Your Glossy Camry
5. Be My Four Eyes
6. Pine Trees (Home Recording)
7. We Just Found Out She Died
8. What The Living Do
9. Polly Of The Circus
10. The Warm Shoulder
11. Mary You Were Wrong

– Collected Pieces: 2015-2020


In the afterglow of her acclaimed 2020 album Silver Ladders (a year-end favourite of NPR, Pitchfork, The New Yorker, and others), Los Angeles-based harpist Mary Lattimore returns with a culminating counterpart release, Collected Pieces: 2015-2020. The limited-edition album features new and previously unreleased material, Bandcamp-only singles, and other obscurities alongside standouts from her 2017 tape Collected Pieces.

A trove of pieces are collected here, most recorded in the moment, just Lattimore and her Lyon and Healy Concert Grand Harp, contact mics, and pedals. There’s the one about the American astronaut’s homecoming (“For Scott Kelly, Returned To Earth”), the Charlie Chaplin-like character who lost their glasses (“Be My Four Eyes”). Like her most affecting work, these songs showcase Lattimore’s gifts as an observer, able to shape her craft around emotional frequencies and scenes. Her power as a musician is rooted in how she sees the world: in vivid detail, profoundly empathic, with deep gratitude for nature and nuance.

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