MAL-ONE - Punk Rock Is Back! - CD [OCT 20]

Label: Punk Art Records Catalogue ID: MALONECD003 Format: CD
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MAL-ONE - Punk Rock Is Back! - CD [OCT 20]

MAL-ONE - Punk Rock Is Back! - CD [OCT 20]



CD - with 8-page lyric booklet.  

Mal-One’s new album starts with running through the radio dial, looking for some suitable music to listen to. These snippets are actually samples of songs from his
previous album ‘It’s All Punk Rock’. Leading the listener nicely into a new set of songs to get their Punk Rock teeth into.

Songs that cover… the great New York punk scene of the 1970’s that grew out of a little bar in the Bowery District of New York City called CBGB’s ‘New York City Punk’. The Clash’s first album discussed in ‘When The Two 77’s Clashed’. The excitement of London’s Roxy Club revisited with its one line chant ‘Down The Roxy’. Those great ‘Punk Rock Fanzines‘, that kept us all so well informed. An early Sex Pistols gig at the Chelsea School of Art, ‘Machine Bubble Disco’. So named aler what was to be the main event of that nights entertainment!!!.’45 Random Punk Memories’ sprang from Mal-One’s own reminisces. Talking of memories ‘Looking At The Decals On Steve Jones Guitar’, the recollection of Steve Jones, future guitarist of the Sex Pistols, stealing Mal-One’s bike when he was the tender age of seven years old. An incident that might have triggered this whole road of discovery in the first place. A reflecMon on London’s harsh setting those heady Punk times in ‘Corrugated London’ alongside a call and response to remember that ‘London’s Turning’ all the time for better or worse and that we can’t always pick and choose the bits we want to keep. The self-explanatory, ‘We Will All Lose Some Good Friends Along The Way’. ‘Shakespeare Meets Chuck Berry On Shepherds Bush Green’, a great story when Joe Strummer was asked by a reporter what he was up to and what he might call The Clash’s next album, which would turn out to be the timeless ‘London Calling’. Joe’s rather tongue in cheek answer was “Shakespeare Meets Chuck Berry On Shepherds Bush Green’’. A place close to Mal-One’s heart and a great title, that was crying out to be reused.

Which Mal-One does via what he calls his Punk Art Poetry. Sometimes these lines are turned into lyrics and reworked into songs. The album ends with such a call, ‘An Open Letter To…’ all those people who helped influence us all along the way. As the lyric states often without thought of financial gain, but done so, quiet simply because it had to be done. Maybe some young guns might in some small way, be inspired and find in Mal-One’s current efforts that ‘anything is possible’ and the true meaning of Punk was in fact, ‘Do It Yourself’.

The vinyl version of this release includes a poster that is part of Mal-Ones continuing Street Art project that involves putting up posters around London. This time declaring the news ‘Punk Rock Is Back!’. Included in the album packaging also is a signed and blind stamped limited print of one of Mal-One’s works ‘What Is It About Punk That’s So Different So Appealing’. A punk collage that just carries one word in among its multiple punk images and that word is PUNK. We hope you enjoy the indulgence. 



1. Intro [0.45]
2. Punk Rock Is Back! [2.02]
3. New York City Punk [2.09]
4. When The Two 77’s Clashed [3.17]
5. Down The Roxy [0.57]
6. 45 Random Punk Memories [4.05]
7. Looking At The Decals On Steve Jones Guitar [3.03]
8. We Will All Lose Some Good Friends Along The Way [3.01]
9. Punk Rock Fanzines [2.22]
10. Machine Bubble Disco [2.07]
11. Corrugated London [2.15]
12. Shakespeare Meets Chuck Berry On Shepherds Bush Green [3.14]
13. London’s Turning [2.09]