MADI DIAZ - History Of A Feeling - LP - Bone Coloured Vinyl

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MADI DIAZ - History Of A Feeling - LP - Bone Coloured Vinyl

MADI DIAZ - History Of A Feeling - LP - Bone Coloured Vinyl

€29.99 €14.99



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01. Rage
02. Man In Me
03. Crying In Public
04. Resentment
05. Think Of Me
06. Woman In My Heart
07. Nervous
08. Forever
09. History Of A Feeling
10. New Person Old Place
11. Do It Now

MADI DIAZ – History Of A Feeling

LP – Limited Edition Bone Coloured Vinyl

Rage, confusion, despair, self-deception, and introspection Madi Diaz cycles through the full spectrum of emotions on History Of A Feeling, her debut on ANTI-.

It’s an album that undeniably marks Diaz’s status as a first-rate songwriter, a craft he’s spent years refining, and one wherein Diaz establishes herself as an artist capable of distilling profound feelings with ease.

Diaz pulls from a range of folk, country, and pop leanings she is as much influenced by Patty Griffin and Lori McKenna as she is the sonics of PJ Harvey
and directness of Kathleen Hanna. On History Of A Feeling, the Nashville based songwriter comes to terms with the dissolution of a meaningful relationship. By the end of it, she wills herself into a self-reflective state where she doesn’t hate herself for being so heartbroken.

The songs on History Of A Feeling, are the most direct and introspective songs Diaz has ever written. In the few times she’s gotten to perform them live in front of an audience, Diaz describes the experience as one where she feels acutely present even though she’s singing about emotions that started to take root years ago.

It’s relatable to anyone who has experienced heartbreak and great change in some manner, and this profound sense of intimacy and camaraderie she seamlessly weaves into the songs was important to her.

“I wanted it to sound conversational, like I had just walked over to your house and we’re sitting and at the end of your driveway talking just like we’re hashing it out in the same way that you’d call a best friend at one in the morning because you needed to talk about what just happened.”

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