LUNICE - 180 - LP - Red Vinyl

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LUNICE - 180 - LP - Red Vinyl

LUNICE - 180 - LP - Red Vinyl

€19.99 €8.99


LABEL: Lucky Me


BARCODE: 5060263724193



1. Burnt
2. All Clear
3. Nite Bells
4. Dial
5. Gasp
6. Weather Man Beats
7. Toolman
8. Ripple
9. Lunice & CJ Flemings – All Clear feat CJ Flemings

LUNICE – 180

LP – Limited Edition Red Vinyl

A decade since he first appeared on Lucky Me, Lunice brings special editions of his first three EPs, with raided archives and unreleased tracks available for the first time. Lucky Me have also added significant remixes from the likes of Rustie and Girl Unit to these new expanded deluxe versions.

Celebrating these influential EPs which first introduced the world to this Québécois beatmaker. Recorded prior to his breakthrough as half of TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke. These are the tracks that first launched Lunice from his Montreal bedroom to travelling the globe with his incendiary live performances.

From producing Kanye West’s ‘Blood On The Leaves’ to touring with Madonna, these tracks are the blueprint for everything that came after. Flitting between minimalist electronic workouts to heavyweight rap beats and merging those worlds in a way few had before him.

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