LOVE - Forever Changes - LP - Limited Vinyl


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LOVE - Forever Changes - LP - Limited Vinyl

LOVE - Forever Changes - LP - Limited Vinyl



LOVE – Forever Changes

LP – Black 180 Vinyl – Mono Mix

Mono version. One of the first pop albums to become a cult classic, love’s 1967 masterpiece, Forever Changes, is the pinnacle of the LA freak scene. singer/songwriter Arthur Lee’s lyrics are increasingly fragmentary and paranoid, foreshadowing the band’s eventual drug-fueled collapse. yet these drop-dead hip tunes are set in arrangements featuring Herb Alpert-style mariachi horns, lush middle-of-the-road strings, and other tropes of the easy listening scene, creating a more unsettling sense of tension than if the songs were given the usual heavy rock instrumentation. Every single track is a stone classic, Forever Changes belongs high on any halfway serious list of the greatest pop albums of the ’60s.


1 Alone Again Or
2 A House Is Not A Motel
3 Andmoreagain
4 The Daily Planet
5 Old Man
6 The Red Telephone
7 Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale
8 Live And Let Live
9 The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This
10 Bummer In The Summer
11 You Set The Scene

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