L'ECLAIR - Confusions - 2LP - Vinyl

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L'ECLAIR - Confusions - 2LP - Vinyl

L'ECLAIR - Confusions - 2LP - Vinyl

€33.99 €16.99


LABEL: Bongo Joe


BARCODE: 7640159731719



A1. P+R
A2. Verso
A3. Whirlwind
A4. Étoile

B1. Cosmologies Pt. 1
B1. Cosmologies Pt. 2
B1. Cosmologies Pt. 3

C1. Transmission I
C2. Timbacrack
C3. Concorde 03:26
C4. Transmission II

D1. Clubless
D2. Pangea
D3. Uscita

L’ECLAIR – Confusions

2LP – Black Vinyl

An hour of finely crafted grooves where cosmic atmospheres meet late night bangers.

While on a break due to a certain pandemic, L’éclair threw itself in the making of a new album. Until that point recording sessions were usually really short. Former albums were made in only a few days and recorded mostly live on tape. That changed as the band decided to do four recording sessions over nine months, hence allowing the group and it’s sound engineer/manager Benoit Erard to spend more time and energy on the production. With the ability to step back and reflect on the work in progress, L’Eclair had the occasion to take things a step above in terms of arrangements, compositions and structures. The result is an hour-long 12 tracks record, which is more diversified and concise than previous efforts.

Titled Confusions, the album shows L’Eclair’s obsession with groove in all its forms. It blends club vibes with psychedelic grooves, rhythmic trances and ambient comedowns while retaining a true coherence. Produced and organic, danceable and ethereal, spontaneous and cerebral, joyful and melancholic, “Confusions” is always on the fence between very different moods without ever wandering off. The band’s never fading influences are still there: you can hear hints of CAN, Piero Umiliani or Tangerine Dream here and there. But it’s melted with different universes, such as late 80s Madchester or Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada’s textured worlds. There is also a strong Hip Hop feel with sampled-based tracks and non-binary beats that recall the likes of great producers like Madlib, MF Doom, J Dilla or even Timbaland. The record also has its fair share of dub and house influences, which connect with the group’s attachment to the club vibe.

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