LAURA MVULA - Pink Noise - LP - Orange Vinyl

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LAURA MVULA - Pink Noise - LP - Orange Vinyl

LAURA MVULA - Pink Noise - LP - Orange Vinyl

€20.99 €10.99


LABEL: Atlantic

CAT NO: 0190295021986

BARCODE: 0190295021986



Side A

Safe Passage
Church Girl

Side B

Pink Noise
Golden Ashes
What Matters
Got Me
Before The Dawn

LAURA MVULA – Pink Noise

LP – Indies Exclusive Limited Edition Orange Vinyl

Pink Noise explores a side of Laura previously uncharted. As triumphant as ever, the album is a battle cry and stark reminder of the sheer talent of the critically acclaimed artist. This is Laura in a new found light – still reflecting her distinctive signature sound but showing the progression of an artist who has come into her own. Contrasting confessional lyricism with compelling and infectious synth pop, Pink Noise feels completely and uniquely Laura. Her artistic prowess knows no limits – take the neo-soul meets art pop of ‘Remedy’ for example, or the darker, pulsating ‘Conditional’ that injects bombastic funk into indietronica. She feels rejuvenated too, especially on electro pop stunners ‘Magical’ and ‘Before The Dawn’. This is Laura Mvula at her most ambitious to date, leaving no stone left unturned in this cosmic new realm.