KURT VILE AND STEVE GUNN - Gunn Vile - LP - Purple Vinyl

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KURT VILE AND STEVE GUNN - Gunn Vile - LP - Purple Vinyl

KURT VILE AND STEVE GUNN - Gunn Vile - LP - Purple Vinyl



LP - Limited Edition Purple Vinyl

The two artists, originally connected by mutual friends and geographic proximity, have long pushed the others continued artistic development. Despite sharing many live stages over the years, this collaborative album represents the first time that the two have worked together in the studio. Viles side sees him recast tracks by John Prine (Way Back When) and Randy Newman (Pretty Boys, featuring some truly *electric* guitar flourishes from Gunn) as if they were KV originals.

The theme of reinvention continues with Vile tearing through a solo banjo rendition of his Red Apples (originally from his God Is Saying This To You LP), retitled here as Red Apples For Tom Scharpling.

Gunn takes on a late period Nico track, 60/40, and pulls a lysergic rocker out of the tracks goth-ish roots. The bulk of Gunns contribution is the winding Spring Garden, a track in the vein of some of his other long form guitar excursions. Featuring signature contributions from Vile and Mary Lattimore, this hypnotizing cut is unmistakably a new classic in Gunn’s catalogue.

* Vinyl image shown in main pic is for mock-up purposes only. Actual shade of purple may differ after pressing.



A1. Kurt Vile – Pretty Boy
A2. Kurt Vile – Way Back Then
A3. Kurt Vile – Red Apples For Tom Scharpling
A4. Kurt Vile – NPR Reject

B1. Steve Gunn – 60/40
B2. Steve Gunn – Spring Garden

Track A1: Kurt Vile (vocals, keys, guitar), Steve Gunn (guitar), Mary Lattimore (piano, synth).
Track A2: Kurt Vile (guitar, banjo, keys, harmonica, vocals), Steve Gunn (guitar), Mary Lattimore (harp, piano), Mike Sneeringer (drums).
Track A3: Kurt Vile (banjo, vocals)
Track A4: Kurt Vile (banjo), Mary Lattimore (harp).
Track B1: Steve Gunn (guitar, bass, percussion, vocals), Kurt Vile (guitar, synth).
Track B2: Steve Gunn (guitar, vocals), Kurt Vile (guitar, bass, keys), Mary Lattimore (piano).