KRUST - The Edge Of Everything - 3LP -Vinyl

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KRUST - The Edge Of Everything - 3LP -Vinyl

KRUST - The Edge Of Everything - 3LP -Vinyl

€34.99 €18.99



  1. Krust – Hegel Dialect
  2. Krust – Constructive Ambiguity
  3. Krust – Negative Drums
  4. Krust – Antigravity Love
  5. Krust – The Dust Fell Off
  6. Krust – 7 Know Truths
  7. Krust – Deep Fields Of Liars
  8. Krust – Keter The Heavenly
  9. Krust – It’s A Lot
  10. Krust – Space Oddity
  11. Krust – Only God Can Tell



BARCODE: 5060786565594

KRUST – The Edge Of Everything

3LP -Vinyl


Bristolian master Krust presents The Edge Of Everything – his first album in 14 years. The pre-eminent electronic icon – who continuously prolifically blew minds throughout the 90s and 00s – has now fully returned from a long break, rejuvenated and artistically liberated.

The album appears if beamed-in from the edge of the universe, way beyond the precipice in a metaphysical netherworld. This is Krust as futurist revisionist, making exhilarating, standout music of depth and substance, which is unlike anything else, above-and-beyond floor-focussed confines. Krust’s music is more individualistic; closer to the vivid brushstrokes of a fauvist painting, and less like a diagram on a grid.

The sound is unmistakably Krust, but now wider, deeper, freer, more intense and more fully-realised. If past anthems like Warhead and Soul In Motion gave you a peek through the creator’s doors of perception, here they are flung wide open, pulling you across into awe-inspiring new worlds.

It’s clear this electronic icon who constantly and prolifically blew minds throughout the 90s and 00s is back, and on his best ever form, having explored radical new philosophical, mental and creative processes. Keen to seek new paths and subvert the norm, Krust opted to release via Crosstown Rebels following the fervid advances of Damian Lazarus. The pair have a longstanding history, which began when the label owner played drum and bass in his former DJ duo, PM Scientists.