KILA - Alive Beo - LP - Vinyl

Label: Kila Records SKU: 16763 Catalogue ID: KRLP001 Format: Vinyl
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KILA - Alive Beo - LP - Vinyl

KILA - Alive Beo - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Kíla Records


BARCODE: 096647831008



Side A:

1. Matatu

2. Pota Óir

3. Babymouse

4. Skinheads


Side B:

5. Electric Landlady

6. Seo Mo Leaba / Am Reel

7. An Tiománaí


KÍLA – Alive Beo

LP – Black Vinyl

This is not Kíla’s first album but was the first album Kíla ever released on vinyl. Recorded mostly in the Civic Theatre in Tallaght this album is full to the brim with Kíla’s magical energy!

See below for tracklisting…