KENNELMUS - Folkstone Prism - LP - Vinyl


Barcode: 090771806512

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KENNELMUS - Folkstone Prism - LP - Vinyl

KENNELMUS - Folkstone Prism - LP - Vinyl



KENNELMUS – Folkstone Prism

LP – Black Vinyl – Obi Strip

Psycho-delic sonic oddity! The rarer than palm hair, 1971 unlikely and delicate blending of influences as diverse as the Chantays, Lee Hazlewood, Ennio Morricone, Quicksilver Messenger Service and the Electric Prunes, this private press sonic oddity features blistering instrumental cuts plus others with vocals just odd enough to fit with the psych-surf-garage instro assault!

LP Packaging: Black Vinyl, out of print for over 25 years and now Bob Irwin 70’s definitive master is getting the Kevin Gray treatment. Cut by Kevin and pressed Third Man pressing in Detroit. LP has 8 panelbooklet with reverse board jacket and snappy obi strip!


A1 I Don't Know 2:27
A2 Patti's Dream 4:31
A3 Dancing Doris 3:34
A4 Goodbye Pamela Ann 3:39
A5 Monologue 0:52
A6 Black Sunshine 2:50
B1 Think For Yourself 2:49
B2 The Bug, The Goat & The Hearse 0:42
B3 Shapes Of Sleep 2:43
B4 Clouds Of Lead 0:37
B5 Mother Of My Children 2:44
B6 1001 Twice 1:05
B7 Sylvan Shores 2:51
B8 Bulletin!! 0:30
B9 The Raven 5:23

LABEL: Modern Harmonic


BARCODE: 090771806512