JON APPLETON & DON CHERRY - Human Music (2023 Remastered Reissue) - LP - Gatefold Vinyl [OCT 6]

Label: BGP Catalogue ID: HIQLP108 Format: Vinyl
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JON APPLETON & DON CHERRY - Human Music (2023 Remastered Reissue) - LP - Gatefold Vinyl [OCT 6]

JON APPLETON & DON CHERRY - Human Music (2023 Remastered Reissue) - LP - Gatefold Vinyl [OCT 6]



LP - Black Vinyl. This album has been out of print on vinyl for decades and as well as remastering “Human Music” BGP have made sure to serve it up in its original gatefold sleeve that features striking original artwork by Don Cherry’s Swedish wife Moki ‘Moqui’ Cherry. 

The discography of trumpeter Don Cherry is one of the most fascinating in music. Although famously associated with the ground-breaking free explorations of Ornette Coleman as his career progressed, Cherry delved into all manner of waters from cosmic mediative wig-outs to mainstream funk. He also pioneered what is now branded as world music, At the other end of the spectrum is this delicious collaboration with Jon Appleton called “Human Music”.

Jon Appleton was an early pioneer of electronic music in America. He established his first primitive studio whilst studying at the University of Oregon in the mid-60s. Assisted by a financial grant this was greatly expanded at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire in the late 60s where Appleton began to record his sonic explorations at his bespoke electronic music studio. It seemed only natural that Appleton would come to the attention of the questing ears of Flying Dutchman label supremo Bob Thiele. This led to the album “Appleton Syntonic Menagerie” released on Flying Dutchman in 1969. Recorded at the Dartmouth studio it’s a fascinating album rich in ideas, proto synthesiser sounds and sonic exploration.

Listening today, it’s as if Steve Stapleton from Nurse With Wound went back in time to record a secret album. It was probably Bob Thiele’s idea to put Appleton and Cherry together. Thus, Cherry went to Appleton’s electronic music studio at Dartmouth College to record an album of improvisations. Apparently, laid down live the four extended tracks are sparse, spacious and a compelling listen and where jazz meets early electronica. As a jazz musician, Cherry not only played wood, bamboo and metal flutes, kalimbas; earthquake drums, coronet with traditional mouthpiece and bamboo reed but listened to Appleton’s oscillations to ensure that his parts fit into this unlikely musical jigsaw.


A1. BOA [13:15]
A2. OBA [7:30]

B1. ABO [11:00]
B2. BAO [9:43]