JOHNNY CASH - Essential Works 1955-1962 - 2LP - Vinyl

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JOHNNY CASH - Essential Works 1955-1962 - 2LP - Vinyl

JOHNNY CASH - Essential Works 1955-1962 - 2LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Diggers Factory


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A1. Hey Porter
A2. Cry, Cry, Cry
A3. Folsom Prison Blues
A4. I Walk The Line
A5. Get Rhythm
A6. Country Boy
A7. Sugartime
A8. You Win Again
B1. Loading Coal
B2. The Jailhouse Now
B3. Mean Eyed Cat
B4. Oh Lonesome Me
B5. Frankie’s Man
B6. It Was Jesus
B7. Five feat High and Rising
B8. Transfusion Blues
C1. The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer
C2. Tell Him I’m Gone
C3. Another Man Done Gone
C4. Busted
C5. Casey Jones
C6. Chain Gang
D1. What Do I Care
D2. Remember the Alamo
D3. Roughneck
D4. All Over Again
D5. Smilling Big McCall
D6. Locomotive Man
D7. Send a Picture of Mother

JOHNNY CASH – Essential Works 1955-1962

2LP – Vinyl

Johnny Cash had a birth certificate marked J. R. Cash because his parents couldn’t decide what to call him. Their environment was the recurrent poverty that reigned in Thirties America, a background of depression where J. R. went to work in flooded fields, learned music and sang along with other cotton pickers, picking up jobs here and there, and finally signing up for three years in the Army.

In 1954 he went back to civilian life, married Vivian Liberto, and went through the studio doors at Sun Records, where Sam Phillips recorded his first hits. In ’57 he joined Columbia Records and a decade later married June Carter (of The Carter Family) in 1968. The following years were complicated by drugs, alcohol and constant tours, yet the pair remained together until June passed away in 2003. Johnny Cash only survived another four months.

His original country music showed empathy for those who had been rejected, and his vision of the misery around him. But he also had an especially warm baritone, and it gave Johnny Cash an immense and faithful audience. He sold 90 million albums, confirming him as one of the greatest artists in music, all genres included.