JOHN BENCE - Love - LP - Vinyl

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Barcode: 790377532111

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JOHN BENCE - Love - LP - Vinyl

JOHN BENCE - Love - LP - Vinyl

€31.99 €11.99



1. Intermittent Moon
2. Dawn
3. Sleeping Under The Sky
4. Dark Wind
5. Thekla Kiss
6. Virginity
7. Walk
8. Church Doors
9. Love
10. Surrender

LABEL: Thrill Jockey


BARCODE: 790377532111



LP – Vinyl

John Bence uses music to probe the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Over a handful of releases the composer has already built up a striking body of work bound by an incredible clarity of vision. His elegiac works occupy an omnivorous sound-world, assimilating elements of British avant-garde and electronic music, classical tradition and sacred medieval song into cavernous, sepulchral compositions. Early releases for Nicholas Jaar’s Other People imprint and Yves Tumor’s label Grooming were engulfed in overwhelming emotion. Struggles with alcoholism and addiction found their outlet in brooding chamber atmospheres and caustic eruptions of choral aggression on the macabre Kill EP. Love forms the final chapter in a trio of works with Kill and Disquiet that chart Bence’s experiences with addiction and his subsequent journey to recovery. Returning to his first love, the piano, Bence explores the instrument’s deeply emotional qualities in ten movements. Love’s stark minimalism and raw production reflect the composer’s personal struggles with striking honesty, searching for the deeper meaning in human suffering.