JOAO DONATO E DONATINHO - Sintetizamor - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

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JOAO DONATO E DONATINHO - Sintetizamor - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]

JOAO DONATO E DONATINHO - Sintetizamor - LP - Vinyl [RSD23]



LP - Limited RSD23 Edition Black Vinyl. 

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Far Out Recordings proudly presents laid back Brazilian groove maestro João Donato's collaboration with his synth whiz son Donatinho. Sintetizamor sees the father son duo jovially hurtle through space and time across ten tracks of sparkling pop, Brazilian boogie and club-ready disco.

First released in Brazil in 2017, the vinyl album completely sold out everywhere and has since become increasingly difficult to find. Far Out's new reissue will be available for Record Store Day 2023.

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[RSD 2023 Exclusive Edition]


1. De Toda Maneira
2. Surreal
3. Quem É Quem
4. Interstellar
5. Lei Do Amor
6. Clima de Poquera
7. Luz Negra
8. Vamos Sair Á Francesa
9. Ilusão de Nós
10. Hao Chi