JEFF BECK - Wired (2023 Reissue) - LP - Vinyl [SEP 15]

Label: Sony Music Catalogue ID: 19658804921 Format: Vinyl
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JEFF BECK - Wired (2023 Reissue) - LP - Vinyl [SEP 15]

JEFF BECK - Wired (2023 Reissue) - LP - Vinyl [SEP 15]



LP - Black Vinyl.  

'Wired' is the second solo album by British guitarist Jeff Beck, originally released on Epic Records in 1976. Powerful jazz-rock fusion with a touch of funk, Wired is Beck's follow-up to the popular Blow by Blow. It is an instrumental album. Extending on the blues break throughs he made with the Yardbirds, beck's style had by this time crystallised into something lyric and soaring, showing the influence of John Mclaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, while retaining the slightly manic edge that has remained his trademark.


Side A
1. Led Boots
2. Come Dancing
3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
4. Head for Backstage Pass

Side B
1. Blue Wind
2. Sophie
3. Play with Me
4. Love Is Green