JACKIE DESHANNON - The Sherry Lee Show - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]
JACKIE DESHANNON - The Sherry Lee Show - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]

JACKIE DESHANNON - The Sherry Lee Show - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]

Label: Sundazed Catalogue ID: LPSUND5639 Format: Vinyl
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JACKIE DESHANNON - The Sherry Lee Show - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]

JACKIE DESHANNON - The Sherry Lee Show - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]



2LP - Black Vinyl. Two LPs of early Jackie DeShannon honky tonk recorded by her mother with extensive liner notes by Michael Gray of the Country Music Hall of Fame! LPs are cut by Kevin Gray.

Two honky tonk platters of newly discovered recordings from the legendary singer-songwriter when she was performing country music under her birth name, Sherry Lee Myers. Recorded by her mother directly from the radio!

You probably know the great Jackie DeShannon as the California-based pop singer who in the 1960s, when America seemed to be coming apart at the seams, proclaimed that “What the World Needs Now Is Love” and urged us all to “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” A desperate SOS for a society in distress never sounded so sweet.

But do you recall, a decade earlier, hearing fifteen-year-old Sharon Lee Myers (on the radio she was “Sherry Lee”) singing hardcore country songs by Patsy Cline, George Jones, Webb Pierce, and the like?

You don’t? Well, then, you will no doubt be surprised to learn that Sherry Lee and Jackie DeShannon are one and the same. Yes, Sharon “Sherry” Lee Myers, born in tiny Hazel, Kentucky, sings like her Southern soul depends on it in these recordings. Just a few years later, she would become an internationally known singer and songwriter with major hits that would transcend genres and decades.

This collection contains radio performances by DeShannon from 1956 and 1957 as broadcast on WMRO in Aurora, Illinois. These live-on-the-radio recordings have never been issued before, and they are among the few surviving artifacts from DeShannon’s early career. This album marks the first time her formative years have been extensively documented with her cooperation.

⚫ Two LPs of early Jackie DeShannon honky tonk recorded by her mother!
⚫ Extensive liner notes by Michael Gray of the Country Music Hall of Fame!
⚫ Prior to becoming singer & songwriting royalty, she had her own country music radio show as a teen!
⚫ LP is cut by Kevin Gray and the CD has bonus tracks, so you win either way!


1. Y'all Come
2. I'm Crazy Darling
3. Un, Uh, No
4. Why Baby Why
5. It May Have Been Teardrops
6. Taking My Chances
7. Walkin' After Midnight
8. The Sherry Lee Show Promo
9. Waiting
10. You're The Reason I'm In Love
11. My Heart Is Blind
12. I Can't Make My Dreams Understand
13. I'm Counting On You
14. Since I Left You Baby
15. When You Hurt Me I Don't Always Cry
16. Radio Show Announcement
17. I'm Walkin'
18. Anyway You Want Me
19. You Don't Owe Me A Thing
20. Big Hello
21. Money Honey
22. I'm In Love Again
23. Baby Let's Play House
24. Commercial
25. Love, Love, Love
26. Baby Honey
27. We Could
28. Sweet Dreams About You
29. Don't Stop The Music
30. Blue Monday
31. A Satisfied Mind
32. Radio Show Closing