IMAGINE DRAGONS - Smoke + Mirrors (EU Import) - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]

Label: Interscope Catalogue ID: 0602547198518 Format: Vinyl
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IMAGINE DRAGONS - Smoke + Mirrors (EU Import) - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]

IMAGINE DRAGONS - Smoke + Mirrors (EU Import) - 2LP - Vinyl [SEP 8]



2LP - Black Vinyl (EU Import).  

Embark on an enchanting voyage with Imagine Dragons - "Smoke + Mirrors” vinyl release, a sonic tapestry that weaves anthemic pop-rock with introspective lyricism. Revel in the magnetic allure of “I Bet My Life,” a soaring anthem that embraces resilience and growth with every note. Surrender to the haunting beauty of “Who We Are,” an empowering track from the Hunger Games soundtrack, igniting the flames of courage and unity within. And don’t miss the irresistible rhythm of “Shots,” a captivating track that blends pulsating beats and evocative storytelling into a mesmerizing whole. Elevate your vinyl collection with this evocative masterpiece, immersing yourself in a realm where smoke dissipates, leaving only the truth reflected in the mirrors. 


A1. Shots
A2. Gold
A3. Smoke And Mirrors
A4. I'm Sorry

B1. I Bet My Life
B2. Polaroid
B3. Friction
B4. It Comes Back To You
B5. Dream

C1. Trouble
C2. Summer
C3. Hopeless Opus
C4. The Fall

D1. Warriors
D2. Battle Cry
D3. Monster
D4. Who We Are