HOVVDY - True Love - LP - Hot Pink Vinyl

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HOVVDY - True Love - LP - Hot Pink Vinyl

HOVVDY - True Love - LP - Hot Pink Vinyl

€20.99 €10.99


LABEL: Grand Jury

CAT NO: GJ00693

BARCODE: 855579006775



1. Sometimes
2. True Love
3. Lake June
4. GSM
5. Around Again
6. Hope
7. Joy
8. One Bottle
9. Blindsided
10. Hue
11. Junior Day League
12. I Never Wanna Make You Sad

HOVVDY – True Love

LP – Limited Edition Hot Pink Vinyl

Austin indie folk duo make their Grand Jury debut with True Love. Recorded over winter 2020 in LA with Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Bon Iver, etc.). This album is about growth and nostalgia. Both band members got married. One had a kid. They’ve found themselves individually away from the band, but settling into their most creatively fertile moment as a duo.

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