HAND HABITS - Fun House - CD

Label: Saddle Creek SKU: 1228 Catalogue ID: LBJ326CD Format: CD
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HAND HABITS - Fun House - CD

HAND HABITS - Fun House - CD



LABEL: Saddle Creek


BARCODE: 648401032628



1. More Than Love

2. Aquamarine

3. Just to Hear You (feat. Perfume Genius)

4. No Difference

5. Graves

6. False Start

7. Clean Air

8. Concrete & Flowers

9. The Answer

10. Gold/Rust

11. Control

(*CD may have alternate physical track sequence to one listed here)



There is a moment halfway through Hand Habits’ Fun House at which musician Meg Duffy asks the question, “How many times must I rewind the tape? “It’s a fitting question planted squarely in the middle of a sonically adventurous record concerned largely with making sense and taking stock. How much time must we spend examining our own past in order to fully understand it? How can we safely acknowledge pain in order to release it and fully actualize who we are supposed to be? Buffeted by strings, synths, and a gently-shook tambourine, the aptly-titled track, “The Answer,” highlights the emotional engine at the heart of the record. “I know the answer, “Duffy sings, “Here’s what I hope to find – it’s always mine.”

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