GOLDFRAPP - Felt Mountain (2022 Edition) - CD

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GOLDFRAPP - Felt Mountain (2022 Edition) - CD

GOLDFRAPP - Felt Mountain (2022 Edition) - CD




(Digipack with 16 Page Booklet with New Sleevenotes.)


Reissue of iconic debut album from Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. Dark, seductive, beguiling and deeply cinematic. Inspiration from classical music, movie soundtracks, 60s french pop and weimar republic cabaret. What you might not expect is quite the depth of Alison Goldfrapp’s beguiling, distracting 21st-Century noir visions on Felt Mountain. She and her fellow composer Will Gregory can mix in Brechtian cabaret, classical instrumentation, left-of-field electronics, decadent Gainsbourg-style French pop and the odd piece of whistling on just one track (‘Felt Mountain‘). ‘Oompa Radar‘ almost reaches Tom Waits heights of infamy, the way familiar instruments come together in such a simultaneously comforting and alienating style. The baroque ‘Paper Bag‘, meanwhile, uncannily recalls Joe Meek’s toytown visions of 1960’s grandeur. All this, and a seductive vocal to die for.


1. Lovely Head

2. Paper Bag

3. Human

4. Pilots

5. Deer Stop

6. Felt Mountain

7. Oompah Radar

8. Utopia

9. Horse Tears