GEORGIA - Seeking Thrills (After Hours) - LP - Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

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GEORGIA - Seeking Thrills (After Hours) - LP - Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

GEORGIA - Seeking Thrills (After Hours) - LP - Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

€24.99 €12.99


RELEASE DATE: July 17th, 2021
LABEL: Domino
BARCODE: 887829116910



1. Feel It (After Hours)
2. Never Let You Go (After Hours)
3. 24 Hours (After Hours)
4. The Thrill (After Hours)

GEORGIA – Seeking Thrills (After Hours)

LP – Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl
(Only 500 copies pressed. Die-cut sleeve with reverse print)


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Georgia is very happy to announce Seeking Thrills: After Hours, a limited 12” to be released on Record Store Day 2021.

Where Seeking Thrills was Georgia’s exploration of the dancefloor in pop form over 12 tracks, After Hours sees Georgia going deeper into the club setting, with four remixes of her own songs designed specifically for club use. After Hours gave Georgia the opportunity to go deeper into those influential club sounds that were at the core of Seeking Thrills. Condensed into 4 tracks, this 12” is not only collection of tracks rooted in house and techno, it’s Georgia’s homage to the dance culture that was so instrumental in the creation of Seeking Thrills.

See below for tracklisting…