FUGAZI - Red Medicine - LP - Vinyl
FUGAZI - Red Medicine - LP - Vinyl

FUGAZI - Red Medicine - LP - Vinyl

Label: Dischord SKU: 22536 Catalogue ID: DIS90V Format: Vinyl
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FUGAZI - Red Medicine - LP - Vinyl

FUGAZI - Red Medicine - LP - Vinyl



LP - Black Vinyl. This is Fugazi's fourth full-length record and originally released in 1995.

Retreating from the skinned-knee production values of In on the Kill Taker, Red Medicine packs more rhythmic punch and shows more range. With more drive and playful goings-on, the arrangements sound much looser than on Kill Taker, while remaining just as gut-kicking and brainy. The experimentation, which adds liveliness, doesn't sound measured. Even Joe Lally is allowed to sing, and it just happens to be one of the best songs on the record. Running against the theory that Fugazi is a pack of killjoys, numerous instances pop up where the band's twisted sense of humor is apparent.

The sinister ha-has that open "Birthday Pony," the android sample in the pleasant (!) instrumental "Combination Lock," and random piano plinks all manage to find a welcome place. But the most uncharacteristic track is the "Blade Runner in Kingston" slo-mo instrumental "Version," featuring clarinet skronks, dubwise rhythm, incidental zaps, and -- get this -- no guitars. Picciotto declares in the immediately following "Target" that he hates the sound of guitars. What gives? It's clearly a rumination against corporate America's capitalization/bastardization of "punk" aesthetics. If anyone had the right to comment, it was Fugazi. "Back to Base" and "Downed City" (another dubby intro here) return to more standard issue, hardcore roots Fugazi, full of the soaring guitars that the band is most known for. Closing out the nearly flawless second side is yet another contemplative exit track, "Long Distance Runner." Acting as a daily affirmation of sorts to combat lethargy, MacKaye opines, "If I stop to catch my breath/I might catch a piece of death."


A1. Do You Like Me
A2. Bed For The Scraping
A3. Latest Disgrace
A4. Birthday Pony
A5. Forensic Scene
A6. Combination Lock
A7. Fell, Destroyed

B1. By You
B2. Version
B3. Target
B4. Back To Base
B5. Downed City
B6. Long Distance Runner