FORENZICS - Shades And Echoes - CD

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FORENZICS - Shades And Echoes - CD

FORENZICS - Shades And Echoes - CD



LABEL: Warner

CAT NO: 5054197112669

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1. Walking
2. Rules
3. Abandoned
4. Chances Are
5. Empty Nest
6. Premiere Fois
7. Europe Speaks
8. Shut The Door
9. Love Is
10. Unlikely Friend
11. Strange Stars
12. System Overload
13. I Spy
14. Autumn

FORENZICS – Shades And Echoes


Forenzics is an exciting new project from former Split Enz members Eddie Rayner and Tim Finn. The project saw two artistic endeavours meet in the middle and started like when Eddie and Tim had been revisiting some of their favourite sections from lesser-known Split Enz works, using them as inspiration and the basis for new songs.

Along with Tim Finn and Eddie Rayner, there are musical contributions from Noel Crombie of Split Enz, Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, Harper Finn and Elliot Finn. (the latter 2 being Tim’s children). Noel Crombie and Phil Manzanera; both dialled their parts in during Covid lockdown. And even though Eddie and Tim live in the same city they followed the same process. Tim says: “I love working this way, sharing files. You work when you want to, and my singing has an unforced intimacy that is very hard to achieve when there is someone else in the room.”

The Forenzics repertoire, like paintings in an exhibition, is an album of individual works that together form an immersive and cohesive whole. It is a genuine sabbatical journey into the artistic unknown, mapped out by two artists at the height of their creative powers

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