FINBAR FUREY - Moments in Time - CD [SEP 29]
FINBAR FUREY - Moments in Time - CD [SEP 29]

FINBAR FUREY - Moments in Time - CD [SEP 29]

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FINBAR FUREY - Moments in Time - CD [SEP 29]

FINBAR FUREY - Moments in Time - CD [SEP 29]




Finbar Furey is celebrating his 77th birthday with a brand new album, 'Moments In Time'. It features a collection of Finbar's own compositions and four well known traditional songs; Kitty, The Rocks Of Bawn, Slieve Gallen Braes and The Parting Glass. Finbar brings his own unique style to these classic Irish songs, using his romantic eloquent voice to evoke ages past. Music's Door is Finbar's ode to music, but there is a poignancy to it as well, in September 2022, he recorded this duet with his friend, 'Jump The Gun' singer Roy Taylor to raise awareness for MND which Roy was suffering from. Sadly he died in June 2023.

September Said Goodbye
is an emotional cry for a lost loved one in the 9/11 tragedy. The mood takes an upbeat turn with Wild Horses, a joyful and carefree instrumental, and Blue Jewel In The Sky, a song Finbar released in 2020 with his daughter Aine Furey, alerting us to the impending horrors of climate change. Finbar draws inspiration from the world around him. His passion for music and the plight of the underdog has always underscored his work. He has honed a talent for finding the soul of a person, a place or a time through his music.

'Moments In Time' reflects the artist looking back at the vagaries of life, completing the album with the timeless The Parting Glass. However, he is also looking forward, emboldened by his music he embraces and celebrates life, and most of all, love. 


1. Moments in Time
2. Slieve Gallen Braes
3. September Said Goodbye
4. Blue Jewel in the Sky
5. She Wants to Ride Horses
6. Kitty
7. I'll Take a Glass
8. The Rocks of Bawn
9. Wild Horses
10. Music's Door
11. Thank You for Everything
12. The Parting Glass