EYEHATEGOD - Ten Years of Abuse (and Still Broke) - 2LP - Marble Vinyl

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EYEHATEGOD - Ten Years of Abuse (and Still Broke) - 2LP - Marble Vinyl

EYEHATEGOD - Ten Years of Abuse (and Still Broke) - 2LP - Marble Vinyl



LABEL: Svart


BARCODE: 6430077094390



A1. Left To Starve
A2. Hit A Girl
A3. Depress
A4. Children Of God

B1. White ******
B2. Depress
B3. Take As Needed For Pain
B4. My Name Is God (I Hate You)

LP 2
C1. Lack Of Almost Everything
C2. Blood Money
C3. Children Of God
C4. Sister Fucker (Part I) & Sister Fucker (Part II)

D1. 30$ Bag
D2. Zero Nowhere
D3. Methamphetamine

EYEHATEGOD – Ten Years of Abuse (and Still Broke)

2LP – Limited Edition Marble Vinyl

No one album could ever capture the claustrophobia-to-catharsis of an Eyehategod show, but this compilation of live tracks and demos comes as close as it gets. 10 Years Of Abuse is a monumental work that documents Eyehategod’s uncompromising, single-minded purity of expression and exertion of raw nerve. The recording manages to span from their demo era to their later, legendary relentless live tour set. Many other bands have tried unsuccessfully to emulate Eyehategod, never quite capturing their dynamic. Formed in 1988 in New Orleans, they have become one of the most well-known bands to emerge from the NOLA metal scene. Eyehategod note bands like Melvins, The Obsessed, Discharge, Black Flag, Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus as major influences, but are often mentioned in the same breath as any of these legendary bands. Drawing comparisons to Grindcore, Crust Punk and Sludge Metal, their heavy bluesy, detuned rock and roll has been a lynchpin for the misanthropic and disenfranchised.

Eyehategod has released five studio albums to date with a sixth in the works and have toured all over the world in a career spanning over thirty years. The band has never released a live album and 10 Years is the only official witnessing document to decades of decimating live sonic abuse.

Originally released on May 29, 2001, 10 Years spans seven live tracks from their European tour in 2000, a live radio show from August 1994 and four songs from an early 1990 demo. The result is a feedback-laced window into that wonderful, brutal Eyehategod “sound”, that addictive, lower-than-low note that nestles somewhere in the pit of your burning, alcohol-soaked, nauseated stomach.