ENSLAVED - Utgard - LP - Vinyl

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ENSLAVED - Utgard -  LP - Vinyl

ENSLAVED - Utgard - LP - Vinyl

€20.99 €13.99



01. “Fires in the Dark”
02. “Jettegryta”
03. “Sequence”
04. “Homebound”
05. “Utgardr”
06. “Urjotun”
07. “Flight of Thought and Memory”
08. “Storms of Utgard”
09. “Distant Seasons”

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

CAT NO: 0727361532710

BARCODE: 727361532710



LP – Black Vinyl

Enter Utgard. Enter a record brimful with northern magic. Let all those other bands sing about Thor’s mighty hammer and poor Odin hanging from that tree in miserable weather conditions. Enslaved are looking behind the mirror, tracing the origins of the well-known fables of the northern world back into each and every one of us. Their new album is a journey into and through scary Utgard. Sounds dark? You betcha! Utgard shows Enslaved both unleashed and thought-through, a lethal combination unfurling a potential that’s easily rekindling the furor of their early works while dancing gracefully through their most ambitious, most haunting and most musical tunes yet. A contradiction? Life itself is a contradiction. And yet we all live to prove it wrong.