ELVIS PRESLEY - Elvis Presley - LP - 180g White Vinyl


Barcode: 194397971514

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ELVIS PRESLEY - Elvis Presley - LP - 180g White Vinyl

ELVIS PRESLEY - Elvis Presley - LP - 180g White Vinyl




CAT NO: 19439797151

BARCODE: 194397971514


Track Listing:

1. Blue Suede Shoes – Elvis Presley (2.01)
2. I’m Counting On You – Elvis Presley (2.24)
3. I Got a Woman – Elvis Presley (2.25)
4. One-sided Love Affair – Elvis Presley (2.11)
5. I Love You Because – Elvis Presley (2.43)
6. Just Because – Elvis Presley (2.33)
7. Tutti Frutti – Elvis Presley (1.58)
8. Trying to Get to You – Elvis Presley (2.33)
9. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You) – Elvis Presley (2.01)
10. I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin’) – Elvis Presley (2.24)
11. Blue Moon – Elvis Presley (2.4)
12. Money Honey – Elvis Presley (2.33)

ELVIS PRESLEY – Elvis Presley

LP – 180g White Vinyl

When Elvis first broke on the national scene, nobody – not RCA, not Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker, and certainly not Elvis himself – had any idea how long his popularity would last. Most assumed that rock and roll was a passing fad and that Presley would soon be relegated to the ‘Where are they Now?’ bin. Unsurprisingly, RCA rushed Presley’s first album to market before Elvis had recorded enough new material for an entire record. The result, ‘Elvis Presley’, is a cut-and-paste job consisting of seven RCA recordings and five older tracks licenced from Sun records, Presley’s first label. Still, this is a monumental record in the history of rock and roll, from its iconic cover (which the Clash later paid homage to on the cover of ‘London Calling’) to the twelve great tracks to its unprecedented sales figures (it topped the billboard album charts for 20 weeks). The RCA material includes Elvis’ arrangement of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and covers of r&b hits ‘Money Honey’, ‘Tutti Frutti’, and ‘I Got a Woman’.