ELEPHANT - Ice Cream - LP - Vinyl

Label: Pizza Pizza Records SKU: 15218 Catalogue ID: PPR021V Format: Vinyl
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ELEPHANT - Ice Cream - LP - Vinyl

ELEPHANT - Ice Cream - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Pizza Pizza Records





1. Body Shaming [02:48]
2. Envy [03:50]
3. Nova Scotia [04:51]
4. Sick Little Thing [03:40]
5. Heatstroke [03:44]
6. Changeling [03:53]
7. Use Me Up [03:03]
8. Ice Cream [04:20]
9. Never Enough [03:38]
10. Milk [05:47]

ELEPHANT – Ice Cream

LP – Black Vinyl

Elephant is the musical vehicle of Dundalk based multi-instrumentalist Shane Clarke.

“The sound has once again changed for this new record, echoing the fun guitar rock of the ’90s coupled with the doo-wop sounds of the ’40s and ’50s along with modern hip-hop inspired edits and production style.

This new chapter from Elephant shows a relaxed self assurance as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

The years ahead are set to be as exciting & energetic as ever for Elephant who are continuously carving out their own path with their third album out now via Pizza Pizza Records.”

(*via Hot Press magazine)

See below for tracklisting…