DMX - The Great Depression - 2LP - Vinyl

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DMX - The Great Depression - 2LP - Vinyl

DMX - The Great Depression - 2LP - Vinyl

€31.99 €19.99



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A1. Sometimes
A2. School Street
A3. Who We Be
A4. Trina Moe
A5. We Right Here
B1. Bloodline Anthem
B2. Shorty Was Da Bomb
B3. Damien III
B4. When I’m Nothing
C1. I Miss You
C2. Number 11
C3. I’ma Bang
C4. You Could Be Blind
D1. The Prayer IV
D2. A Minute For Your Son


DMX – The Great Depression

2LP – Black Vinyl

Despite his membership among today’s corporate rap elite, as DMX’s The Great Depression proves, the overwrought production and excessive use of trite catch phrases that typify their breed can’t mask the dark man’s innate raw power. while X’s reputation is intact and it’s hip-hop as a genre that’s floundering, the album serves as an antidote to the flood of insipid hip-hop/r&b combinations and “oochie wally”-isms that clog the airwaves. standout tracks include the riot-inducing “Who We Be” and the dead-on “Shorty Was Da Bomb“. even the lesser tunes are dope. On first listen, Depression’s most accessible song, “We Right Here“, comes off as mindless radio fodder, but its blunt chorus quickly grows on you. the album’s centerpiece, “I Miss YoI Miss You“, is a genuiu”, is a genuinely personal composition built around a universal theme. here, DMX’s lyrics and delivery invite the same favourable comparisons to Tupac Shakur that he had received earlier in his career.

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