DJ ABILITIES - Phonograph Phoenix - LP - Translucent Purple Cloudy Vinyl

Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment SKU: 15729 Catalogue ID: RSE332LPC1 Format: Vinyl
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DJ ABILITIES - Phonograph Phoenix - LP - Translucent Purple Cloudy Vinyl

DJ ABILITIES - Phonograph Phoenix - LP - Translucent Purple Cloudy Vinyl



LABEL: Rhymesayers Entertainment


BARCODE: 826257033215



1. The First Step

2. Worldwide

3. Wasteland

4. The Badman

5. Waves

6. Still

7. When

8. Mission

DJ ABILITIES – Phonograph Phoenix

LP – Limited Edition Translucent Purple Cloudy Effect Vinyl
(Housed in Gatefold Sleeve. Includes download code.)

DJ Abilities first met Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen in the mid-90’s, and the two began a working relationship as Eyedea & Abilities that would play a prominent role in the burgeoning Indie-Rap movement of the time. Tragically, Eyedea passed away in 2010 leaving Abilities to soldier on, but the influence of their partnership continues to shape his music to this day. Abilities’ latest project, Phonograph Phoenix, finds the DJ/Producer returning to the forefront, embracing an entirely new approach to making music.

In a departure from previous sample-based work, Abilities built this album’s compositions from the ground up, creating his own sound through deep, cavernous bass, funky drums and enveloping synths, with razor sharp cuts and vocal chops providing a voice where his fallen partner may have once stood. Throughout its creation Abilities sought to ensure that each song on Phonograph Phoenix held qualifying meaning and that the album on a whole made a definitive statement. The process inspired him to dig deep and pull up some heavy, heartfelt beats and, speaking with his hands as all great turntablists do, he used this space to address grief, loss, and his own personal shortcomings, all while making room for hope and optimism.

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