DISMEMBER - Massive Killing Capacity - CD [SEP 29]

Label: Nuclear Blast Records SKU: 3004 Catalogue ID: NB6686-2 Format: CD
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DISMEMBER - Massive Killing Capacity - CD [SEP 29]

DISMEMBER - Massive Killing Capacity - CD [SEP 29]




Recently reformed Swedish death metal pioneers DISMEMBER are proud to announce that they have once again joined the ranks of NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, where they released their demo, Reborn In Blasphemy (1990), their 1991 debut album, Like An Everflowing Stream, as well as the four records that would follow. Between 1988 and 2011 DISMEMBER earned a notorious reputation as the “Motörhead (version) of death metal”, through eight classic albums and furious live shows around the globe.

Probably the most melodic and accessible album by Sweden's DISMEMBER, “Massive Killing Capacity” spawned hits like 'Casket Garden', 'On Frozen Fields', 'Collection by Blood', and 'Life - Another Shape of Sorrow'. Adding more Maiden-like parts and brick-heavy grooves, the 1995 released record showed that DISMEMBER can be more than just a musical chainsaw ripping your ears apart.


1. I Saw Them Die
2. Massive Killing Capacity
3. On Frozen Fields
4. Crime Divine
5. To The Bone
6. Wardead
7. Hallucigenia
8. Collection By Blood
9. Casket Garden
10. Nenia
11. Life – Another Shape Of Sorrow