dEUS - Keep You Close - LP - Vinyl [NOV 3]

Label: PIAS Catalogue ID: PIASR510LPR Format: Vinyl
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dEUS - Keep You Close - LP - Vinyl [NOV 3]

dEUS - Keep You Close - LP - Vinyl [NOV 3]



LP - Black Vinyl

Keep You Close’ is the sixth album by Belgian rock group dEUS, released originally on September 17th 2011. The album was recorded by the band and producers David Bottrill and Adam Noble at dEUS’s Antwerp Studio.

Moving away from the studio writing approach that characterized the ‘Vantage Point’ album, the band jammed tracks live and took opportunities at festivals to demo new songs in front of audiences before settling on final versions of the tracks.


1. Keep You Close
2. The Final Blast
3. Dark Sets In
4. Twice We Survive
5. Ghosts
6. Constant Now
7. The End Of Romance
8. Second Nature
9. Easy