DESTRUCTION - Diabolical - LP - Vinyl
DESTRUCTION - Diabolical - LP - Vinyl

DESTRUCTION - Diabolical - LP - Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast SKU: 18597 Catalogue ID: NPR1082VINYL Format: Vinyl
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DESTRUCTION - Diabolical - LP - Vinyl

DESTRUCTION - Diabolical - LP - Vinyl



LP - Black Vinyl housed in a Gatefold cover.

German thrash metal veterans Destruction celebrate their 40th Anniversary by setting the world ablaze with a new, hard-hitting grenade in the form of their new album, Diabolical. As one of the most legendary German thrash metal bands in existence, Destruction grace the wall of fame alongside giants like Kreator, Sodom and Tankard. After the charging start of opener "Under The Spell", Destruction shows no mercy on title track "Diabolical", with raging drums, bloodthirsty riffs and hellish vocals that sink deep down into your bones. "No Faith In Humanity" relentlessly rages on with non-stop headbanging action, while Destruction continues to smash eardrums on "Hope Dies Last" - providing unbeatable brutality with unstoppable speed, destructive verses and screeching voices. "Tormented Soul", on the other hand, is loaded with proper heavy metal and explosive drums.

The grand finale of the 47-minute parade of devastation is provided by cover track "City Baby Attacked By Rats", originally by GBH, guaranteeing whiplash by combining rough hardcore punk with brute thrash metal. On their 15th record, Destruction brings out heavy artillery full of honest and uncompromising thrash metal, catapulting you straight into the seventh heaven of metallic bliss and causing a massacre of razor-sharp sound no fan of the genre should miss!


Side A
01. Under The Spell
02. Diabolical
03. No Faith In Humanity
04. Repent Your Sins
05. Hope Dies Last
06. The Last Of A Dying Breed
07. State Of Apathy

Side B
08. Tormented Soul
09. Servant Of The Beast
10. The Lonely Wolf
11. Ghost From The Past
12. Whorefication
13. City Baby Attacked By Rats