DAVID KEENAN - What Then? - CD

Label: Rubyworks SKU: 1205 Catalogue ID: RWXCD500 Format: CD
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DAVID KEENAN - What Then? - CD

DAVID KEENAN - What Then? - CD



LABEL: Rubyworks Records


BARCODE: 196006471705



1. What Then Cried Jo Soap
2. Bark
3. Beggar to Beggar
4. Philomena
5. Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories
6. Hopeful Dystopia
7. The Grave of Johnny Filth (featuring David Keenan)(The Poet)
8. The Boarding House
9. Me, Myself and Lunacy
10. Sentimental Dole (featuring Stephen Murphy)
11. Grogan’s Druid



Young Irish iconoclast David Keenan kicks off the trek to his forthcoming second album with his first single of the year. The fantastically-titled ‘Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories‘ is an extraordinary mix of spoken-word verse and wild, free-rolling folk-rock; thrillingly produced by Jonathon Mooney, of atmospheric Portland OR indie-rockers Other Lives, and featuring Aaron Steele on drums (best known for his work with Hayley Williams and Portugal. The Man).

David Keenan’s first album – A Beginner’s Guide To Bravery – was released by Rubyworks in 2020. He also released a full-length concert film and documentary – Alchemy & Prose.
His Top 10 songs on Spotify already have enjoyed more than 20 million combined plays.