DAVE DAVIES - Rippin' up New York City: Live at City Winery NYC - 2LP - Blue Vinyl [OCT 6]

Label: Red River Entertainment Catalogue ID: BFD558 Format: Vinyl
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DAVE DAVIES - Rippin' up New York City: Live at City Winery NYC - 2LP - Blue Vinyl [OCT 6]

DAVE DAVIES - Rippin' up New York City: Live at City Winery NYC - 2LP - Blue Vinyl [OCT 6]



2LP - Blue Vinyl

In 1964 Dave Davies of the Kinks singlehandedly made rock history when he sliced his little green Elpico amp speaker with a razor blade. Little did he know he was creating the 1st heavy metal guitar tone and riff in rock n roll, which he played on his band The Kinks' worldwide hit 'You Really Got Me.'

Nearly fifty years after influencing generations of guitarists Dave continues to rock and tour. His 2013 return to the U.S. to support the album I Will Be Me was a triumph both creatively and spiritually as he found new inspiration for his soon to be follow up album, the highly acclaimed, Rippin Up Time. Released in 2014, Dave embarked on yet another U.S. tour to support it. He was joined by Jonathan Lea on guitar, Tom Currier on bass and keyboards and legendary drummer Dennis Diken of the Smithereens. The tour swept through venues in Milwaukee, Chicago, New Jersey, NYC and many more. Jim Sclavunos played drums for one gig in Bethlehem, PA. On every date Dave Davies and band played a highly charged set of solo album favorites, Kinks classics and new tracks.

At the City Winery NYC on November 24 and 25, 2014 Dave and band put on an amazing concert to an audience of new and longtime Kinks fans, music industry stars and legends. They delivered two exhilarating nights of performances that rocked and ripped up the city's nightlife.


Disc: 1
1. See My Friend (Live)
2. Intro (Live)
3. Intro
4. Stranger (Live)
5. Rippin' up Time
6. Rippin' Up Time (Live)
7. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
8. I'm Not Like Everybody (Live)
9. Flowers In The Rain (Live)
10. I Need You (Live)
11. I Need You
12. Creepin' Jean (Live)
13. Creepin' Jean

14. Suzannahs Still Alive (Live)
15. Suzannahs Still Alive
16. See My Friend
17. Strangers
18. Flowers in the Rain
19. Front Room
20. King of Karaoke
21. Death of a Clown
22. Livin' on a Thin Line
23. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
24. All Day and All of the Night
25. You Really Got Me

Disc: 2
1. Livin' On A Thin Line (Live)
2. Front Room (Live)
3. Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Live)
4. King Of Karaoke (Live)
5. Death Of A Clown (Live)
6. All Day And All Of The Night (Live)
7. You Really Got Me (Live)