DARIO LESSING - Frequency - LP - Vinyl
DARIO LESSING - Frequency - LP - Vinyl

DARIO LESSING - Frequency - LP - Vinyl

Label: Modern Recordings SKU: 18652 Catalogue ID: 4050538718942 Format: Vinyl
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DARIO LESSING - Frequency - LP - Vinyl

DARIO LESSING - Frequency - LP - Vinyl



LP - Black Vinyl

Over the last years, Lessings Berlin based studio has become a hub for creative exchange. His ability to catch inspiration right at its point of origin is the foundation of his album Frequency, which features six different vocalists with international backgrounds from the US (Stimulus) to Australia (James Chatburn), New Zealand (Graham Candy), Austria (Rezar) and of course Germany (SHAMS, Mario). The concept of frequency describes the creative development of the songs were created: every person has his own frequency they are sending out constantly. When they collide, they influence each other, create new waves and form something new.

The result is an album that has a cosmic magic to it and listening feels like being within that creative cave, part of the moment these frequencies fused. At parts ambient, sometimes influenced by Hip-Hop or avant-pop à la James Blake, Frequency is an eclectic masterpiece from beginning to end.

Since his first release via Deutsche Grammophon in 2019, it has been turbulent for the Berlin native piano virtuoso, producer, and singer Dario Lessing: with an eclectic mix of beautiful piano pieces (DNA I), collaborations with other producers (Robot Koch, Andrew Applepie, AK and more) and alternative pop projects (Better Days EP with Rezar premiered on Complex), his online following grew from zero to almost one million monthly listeners and he got known as one of Berlin’s most hopeful new talents in the realm of neo-classical music. Lessing represents a new breed of self-made artists and producers that collaborate without musical or geographical boarders.


Side 1
1 Overflow - Dario Lessing & James Chatburn
2 My Place, My Home - Dario Lessing & Stimulus
3 Dreamer (feat. Graham Candy) - Dario Lessing
4 Planet 9 - Dario Lessing & James Chatburn
5 Shepherd - Dario Lessing & SHAMS

Side 2
1 Moving Slow - Dario Lessing & SHAMS
2 Behind the Moon - Dario Lessing & Rezar
3 The Lesson - Dario Lessing
4 Victorious (feat. Graham Candy) - Dario Lessing
5 Sukhino - Dario Lessing & SHAMS
6 Silent Star - Dario Lessing & Mario