DAFT PUNK - Discovery (2021 Reissue) - 2LP - Vinyl

Label: Virgin/Warner SKU: 16754 Catalogue ID: 0190296617164 Format: Vinyl
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DAFT PUNK - Discovery (2021 Reissue) - 2LP - Vinyl

DAFT PUNK - Discovery (2021 Reissue) - 2LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Warner

CAT NO: 190296617164

BARCODE: 190296610424



01. One More Time

02. Aerodynamic

03. Digital Love

04. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

05. Crescendolls

06. Nightvision

07. Superheroes

08. High Life

09. Something About Us

10. Voyager

11. Veridis Quo

12. Short Circuit

13. Face To Face

14. Too Long

DAFT PUNK – Discovery
(2021 Reissue)

2LP – Black Vinyl

While Daft Punk’s second recording still focuses on the maximum accessibility that earned its debut such high marks, there’s less of an obvious focus on pop hooks. Irony and house beats are the order of the day, and an eclectic thread runs throughout Discovery. “Digital Love” sounds like the theme to a ’70s sitcom as realized by the Buggles. “Nightvision” is a mellow, wordless, Quiet storm-meets-Eno soundscape, while in an interpolation sure to gain plenty of attention, “Superheroes” marries a Barry Manilow sample to an unrelenting house beat. Ultimately, Discovery is less of a mission statement than its predecessor, but no less danceable or listenable.

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