ISHMAEL ENSEMBLE - A State Of Flow - LP - Ecomix Vinyl

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ISHMAEL ENSEMBLE - A State Of Flow - LP - Ecomix Vinyl

ISHMAEL ENSEMBLE - A State Of Flow - LP - Ecomix Vinyl

€26.99 €19.99


LP - Limited Edition Ecomix Vinyl

Following a banner year for Pete Cunningham — best known as dextrous saxophonist Ishmael and leader of the namesake Ishmael Ensemble – 2019 now brings debut album A State of Flow. This new long player builds on Cunningham’s work as proud protector of Bristolian heritage, sketching loving sonic pictures of the South West in his Bristol-inspired Severn Songs series, whilst also incubating local visual and musical talent, within the Ensemble.

It touches on various styles of jazz, stirring ambient invocations, club-ready percussive workouts, spiralling grooves and hazy psychedelic electronica. This would be a confusing melange, but for Cunningham’s excursions as a genre-agnostic DJ – something evident in the real house shuffle of Lapwing – which evokes walking into a smoky after hours haunt and finding a session in full, forward motion or the organic garage beats of Full Circle and classic trip hop style Waterfall fuelled by Holysseus Fly’s honey toned and evocative vocals.


Side A
1. The Chapel
2. Full Circle (feat. Holysseus Fly)
3. Siren!
4. Lapwing
5. Yellow House (feat. Yama Warashi)

Side B
1. The River (feat Yazz Ahmed)
2. First Light
3. Waterfall (feat. Holysseus Fly)
4. Surge