ORBITAL - 30 (Something) - 4LP + Slipmat - Vinyl Box Set
ORBITAL - 30 (Something) - 4LP + Slipmat - Vinyl Box Set

ORBITAL - 30 (Something) - 4LP + Slipmat - Vinyl Box Set

Label: London SKU: 20047 Catalogue ID: LMS5521698 Format: Vinyl Boxset
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4LP - Housed in Lift off Lid Box with 4 Page 12” x 12” Booklet and Slipmat.

Celebrating 30 Years of Orbital - new editions containing reworks, remakes, remixes and re-imaginings of landmark Orbital tracks based on the duo’s unrivalled live show. The pandemic caused Orbital to miss their actual thirtieth anniversary, but it gave the band pause to think and find a way to celebrate their past that was actually about the future and 30 Something was born. Remixes on the package include: Yotto, ANNA, Jon Hopkins, Dusky, Joris Voorn, Logo 1000, Eli Brown, Shanti Celeste and more.


A1. Smiley
A2. Satan (30 Something Years Later Mix)

B1. Where Is It Going (feat. Stephen Hawking)
B2. Impact (30 Years Later And The Earth Is Still Burning Mix)

C1. Chime (30 Something Years Later Mix)
C2. Halcyon (30 Something Years Later Mix)

D1. The Box (30 Something Years Later Mix)
D2. Belfast (30 Something Years Later Mix)

E1. The Girl with the Sun in Her Head (Floex Remix)
E2. Belfast (David Holmes Remix)

F1. Halcyon & On (Jon Hopkins Remix)
F2. Chime (Eli Brown Remix)

G1. Impact (John Tejada Remix)
G2. Are We Here? (Dusky Remix)

H1. Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix)
H2. The Box (Joris Voorn Remix)
H3. Are We Here? (Shanti Celeste Remix)