ROY GAINES - Bluesman For Life - LP - Vinyl

Label: JSP SKU: 18907 Catalogue ID: JSP11001 Format: Vinyl
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ROY GAINES - Bluesman For Life - LP - Vinyl

ROY GAINES - Bluesman For Life - LP - Vinyl


  LP - Black Vinyl

Roy Gaines had an absolutely stunning recording history running from the 1950s well into the 2000s - Included is Andy Grigg's original detailed sleevenote which lists Roy's amazing history and career - But this album shines as his finest a perfect example of 'retro' and 'of its time contemporary'. On first release, the album brought Roy back into the limelight after an extended period where he devoted his life to running his legendary club in LA, Gainesville. It was, in a bitter irony, the failure of that club that led to working with Jimmy Morello.

No attempts were made to 'go commercial' or 'funk it up'. The album made an impact and really pushed Roy back onto the scene as a 'headliner'. There were offers of high power management and some top flight opportunities came his way. Apart from some festivals soon after (I remember attending a wonderful show at the much missed Poconos Blues Festival) things slipped a little and Roy drifted back into the club scene and the 'should have made it' bag! A flurry of albums followed this at least, but none captured the magic of this one. Helping Roy channel the music were producer and songwriter Jimmy Morello, who made so many great albums in that period, his crack 'house team' of West Coast musicians and the studio of choice in those days, Pacifica.

This is a brand new mix from the original Pacifica Studio multitrack tapes and I believe sharper, harder and better than the original from 1998.The album was the fortuitous meeting of talents at the right time and place. Roy was quoted at the time: "On this one I went way back to Texas. Stone blues all the way..." That sums it up.


1. Bluesman For Life
2. It's Midnight Baby
3. Roy Jumps The Gator
4. You Went Back On Your Word
5. Lula Mae
6. Jump In My Cadillac
7. You're Going To Wish You Had Stayed
8. Sweet Pig Porker
9. Cat Came Back
10. BWR
11. Fly Away To Glory