POLYPORES - Hyperincandescent - LP - Vinyl
POLYPORES - Hyperincandescent - LP - Vinyl

POLYPORES - Hyperincandescent - LP - Vinyl

Label: DiN SKU: 19456 Catalogue ID: DIN71LP Format: Vinyl
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POLYPORES - Hyperincandescent - LP - Vinyl

POLYPORES - Hyperincandescent - LP - Vinyl



LP - Black Vinyl. Only 300 copies being pressed.

Brand new album of immersive cosmic soundscapes from Polypores, after sold out releases on Castles In Space and Polytechnic Youth.

The DiN label via its founder Ian Boddy has its roots in the analogue electronica of the German Berlin School. However over the course of 100+ albums the music released on
this UK based imprint have pushed far beyond this musical heritage. The electronic music scene is ever evolving and a new, younger generation of musicians involved in the burgeoning modular synth scene are untethered from the past and able to wander freely into unexplored worlds of sonic soundscaping.

Just such a musician is Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley) who paints music with a Eurorack modular, drawing influences from ambient, new age, and experimental electronica. His music soars, bubbles, crackles, and soothes, in ever-shifting, immersive cosmic landscapes.

His musical output is both varied and prolific with sold-out vinyl releases on such well respected labels as Behind The Sky, Castles In Space and Polytechnic Youth. Notable
live festival performances have included the Castles In Space Levitation event, Manchester's Subliminal Impulse and the prestigious Future Yard in Liverpool.

Whilst Polypores did have a track on the fifth volume of the Tone Science series, Hyperincandescent (DiN71) is his solo debut on the DiN label. Releasing on both CD and Vinyl the music is split between two album length tracks that meander between different sections exploring a micro world of texture and form. At times calm and blissful the mood can suddenly be transformed into something more chaotic with strange, organic twisted shapes emerging from the undergrowth.

His ability to play with tempo as a mouldable musical expression is at times breathtaking and highlights quite what a fearless sonic explorer he is.

DiN is very proud to showcase the talents of this quite unique artist as the label forges ahead into its third decade.

Uncut – June 22 8/10

‘Intensely absorbing, expansive beauty’


A: Hyperincandescent 21:58

B: Floating In The MemePool 21:54