CROBOT - Feel This - LP - Red Vinyl
CROBOT - Feel This - LP - Red Vinyl

CROBOT - Feel This - LP - Red Vinyl

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CROBOT - Feel This - LP - Red Vinyl

CROBOT - Feel This - LP - Red Vinyl

€25.99 €12.99


LP - Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Pennsylvanian riff-monsters Crobot conjures up the kind of rock 'n' roll that has grooves so powerful they throw you around the room and hooks high enough to shake the heavens.

They take the sweet-sounding nectar of the gods and pour it down your throat until you're wailing along like a banshee. Feel This is the follow-up to 2019s Top 10 Heatseekers album Motherbrain – whose cumulative streams have surpassed 29 million. 20 million of which were for the Goliath single "Low Life" - a US Top 10 hit at the Mainstream Rock radio with a 29-week run on the Billboard charts. "This is the record we've been wanting to do ever since we started," exclaims Brandon. "We've always thought of ourselves as a live act," he continues. "When Jay Ruston described his process of recording, we were beyond excited about getting in and getting our hands dirty. It involved performing live as a unit and finishing all instruments on a song before moving on to the next. We recorded 16 songs in 21 days, which is a feat in itself."

Feel This is a tale of perseverance. "Through constant struggles, we learn more what it's like to be human. Our shortcomings and strengths alike make us a unique species," Brandon reflects. "Feel This very well may point to our biggest strength of all, our ability to feel emotion (for better or worse)."


Side A
1. Electrifed
2. Dizzy
3. Set You Free
4. Better Times
5. Golden
6. Without Wings

Side B
1. Livin' On The Streets
2. Into The Fire
3. Dance With The Dead
4. Holy Ghost
5. Never Break Me
6. Staring Straight Into The Sun